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Should you fight or pay your New York City parking ticket yourself?  At Citywide we fight thousands of parking tickets every month. We help our customers save money by doing our best to help you avoid paying a ticket we can fight and win.  Citywide’s experience may provide the key to getting your parking ticket dismissed. If we believe your ticket does not merit a hearing, or does not get dismissed, 30% of the face amount, less a $5 evaluation fee, will be promptly refunded.  There is no evaluation fee for dismissed tickets.

What we look for when we review your tickets 

  • Check these items against your registration.
    • Plate Number
    • Registration Expiration Date (month, day & year) (NYS Plates), and other states which display registration information on a window sticker or license plate.
    • Plate Type
    • State
    • Make
    • Body Type
  • Location
  • Make sure the location is properly written.  We will investigate the NYC Map Website
  • Sign Information. We will research the  NYC Parking Regulations Sign Information Database
  • Check sign regulations and days and hours in effect, to insure sign was not misstated on your ticket
  • Make sure the Section and subdivision of the parking regulation is correct.
  • Check for all other errors or omissions that will make the ticket defective.
  • We also encourage you to submit any other pertinent evidence that may help get your ticket dismissed.

NYC Ticket Fighter cannot discuss personal tickets by phone. Please submit your ticket to us for a risk-free evaluation.We apologize for any inconvenience.

We may find errors on your parking ticket that will allow an administrative law judge to dismiss. However, We can not guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed.  If your parking ticket does not have a significant error or omission, there may be other credible evidence you can present when you contact us.  

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Defend Yourself

The first line of defense in fighting an unfair parking ticket is to look for errors or omissions on the ticket itself that could render it invalid.

Towed Vehicle Info

Where is your car? Here's how to find it!

Parking ticket links

Here are the key online resources to help you understand your ticket and how to defend yourself in a hearing.