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Parking Ticket Links

Check Parking Ticket Status Verify the outcome of your ticket. The results will appear on this report as:  Hearing Status“Hearing held: Guilty”, or  Hearing Status Hearing held, verdict NOT GUILTY.

Request For A Hearing After Judgment Form If your tickets are in judgment for less than 1 year, you must fill out a Motion to Vacate Judgment. Please read the instructions which illustrate valid reasons for a judgment to be vacated.

NYC Parking Rules and Regulations Complete rules and regulations with guides for Alternate Side Parking.

NYC DOT Traffic Rules The full text of the traffic rules, along with definitions of words and phrases used in the rules.

Dispute a Parking Violation Instructions and FAQ on fighting tickets on your own, from NYC.gov.

NYC Parking Ticket Violations Codes and Amounts Reference guide for violation codes, descriptions, and fines.

Pay A Parking Ticket Online Enter your violation number or license plate number to pay your ticket online.

NYC DOT Parking Sign Data Find specific parking regulations and times in effect for each block in NYC.