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About NYC Ticket Fighter

Citywide Parking Ticket Service Office Location
50 Court Street Suite 1000
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Phone: 516-850-1995

Our fleet management experience in NYC provides us first hand awareness of the difficulties your company and drivers face when performing service and delivery operations.

Let us help you find a solution

Citywide provides in-person representation at the New York City Department of Finance Parking Violations Bureau for commercial fleets of all sizes, including national and local car and truck leasing companies. Our goal is to reduce your parking ticket expense and assist your company to track and manage all parking violations activities in an efficient and economical manner.

Our service begins with in-person hearings attended by an experienced member of our staff. We want to maximize your dismissals. Although your hearing results are of paramount importance, our services do not end with the administrative law judge’s ruling. At your option and at no additional cost, we will deliver your payments to the City and maintain proof that they were received. If necessary, this information can be used to combat the City’s efforts to collect on tickets that have already been paid or dismissed. We will search our records and dispute erroneous bills issued by the City at no additional charge.

In addition, Citywide can provide you with custom reports and consulting services that are designed to reduce parking ticket exposure. Again, at no additional cost, we can analyze your data and provide you with a custom solution. For instance, we can discover which drivers are abusing their parking privileges by parking in locations where a commercial vehicle’s special privileges do not apply.

Whether you choose live hearings or the N.Y.C. Department of Finance “Delivery Solutions Program”, Citywide will help you reduce costs so that you can concentrate on running your business. I welcome the opportunity to tell you how and provide you with the details of our services and fees.

John Miuccio, President

John MiuccioJohn Miuccio’s career with commercial fleets began in 1980 in the truck leasing and rental industry. Beginning as a Rental Manager for Rollins Leasing in Buffalo, N.Y., he was responsible for the utilization of two rental fleets. Renting all types of commercial vehicles to a wide variety of companies provided him a solid foundation and understanding of their particular requirements. He later moved on to be a district manager for Rollins Leasing, responsible for branch locations in Reading, Harrisburg, Lewistown and Lancaster,PA. “Violations of all types were always part of the business, but parking tickets were not an issue in other states and cities.”  A native New Yorker, Mr. Miuccio returned home to become the Branch Manager for the largest “home grown” leasing and rental company in NYC.  With 99% of the trucks and vans used for city delivery, parking tickets were soon became a major focus of his attention.  

He became the manager of Mendon Truck Leasing locations in Manhattan. There were over 650 vehicles based in Manhattan and another 1400 Mendon vehicles based in other boroughs of New York City and New Jersey.  In 1989, he began attending weekly parking ticket hearings representing Mendon Leasing Corp. The weekly parking ticket hearings soon expanded into a full time occupation. He founded Citywide Parking Ticket Service in 1989.  “I am grateful to have had the opportunity and experience to work with commercial fleets at Mendon.” “My experience at Mendon has proved to be invaluable for providing our service.” We now have a staff of 6 parking ticket employees continuing to provide an effective and economical cost-saving service.”