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In-Person Hearings

When attending in-person hearings, summonses which are amenable to a commercial defense should all be dismissed when the proper paperwork is provided.  Defective tickets should also be dismissed at hearings. (We say “should be dismissed” because as fellow human beings, the administrative law judge’s decision may differ from what we think it should be.) We provide data management of your summonses to track expenses and identify avoidable tickets and high issue locations. 

Let Citywide Attend Your Hearings at the Commercial Adjudications Unit

Citywide provides your company with In-Person representation by an experienced professional at the Commercial Adjudications Unit. After the hearing, you must issue a check to pay the New York City Department of Finance for any summonses that were not dismissed at the hearing.  We will also deliver all payments to the NYC Payment Center in person.  The option to pay online via e-check and credit card is also available.

In connection with disputing your tickets, Citywide will:

  1. Instruct you on how to prepare a commercial defense
  2. Enter summons data into a database which is available to you via email
  3. Review all summonses for defects
  4. Provide computer generated logs signed by the Administrative Law Judge for hearing results.
  5. Dispute all of your tickets at a live hearing before an administrative law judge
  6. File administrative claims for improper dunning
  7. Provide ticket reports, and financial data reports
  8. Deliver hearing payments and maintain a delivery receipt for each payment
  9. Expedite and answer notices, bills, and other correspondence from PVB
  10. Automatically download and print ticket copies as required (tickets not turned in by drivers)
  11. Provide assistance to join the NYC PVB Fleet Programs
  12. Maintain payment records

What should drivers/operators do when receiving tickets?

When your drivers receive parking violations, they must complete a driver affidavit. The affidavit must show the Date, Time, Location, and Arrival/Departure time. A brief description of what was done should be written on the affidavit. The delivery receipt, or service document, must be attached to the back of the affidavit. The parking ticket should be attached to the front upper left side of the affidavit. If the summons was issued in a Muni-Meter area, a copy of the Muni-Meter receipt must be attached. The operator’s name should be clearly printed at the top of the affidavit, and must be signed before a notary public. Drivers/operators should complete this paperwork and submit to a supervisor on a daily basis. Completed parking summons affidavits should be forwarded to Citywide on a weekly basis.

What percentage of our parking tickets will get dismissed?

Obey the parking rules to maximize your reductions! Parking tickets that are amenable to a commercial defense, including double parking (not in Midtown between 1st-8th Aves. and between 14th –60th Streets), parking at a Muni- Meter, or where the sign says “No Parking”, or “No Standing Except Trucks Loading and Unloading”, should be dismissed; barring errors in the commercial defense paperwork completed by the driver. In addition, defective tickets will also be dismissed.

What happens to tickets that do not qualify for a commercial defense?

Parking tickets that do not qualify for a commercial defense are thoroughly reviewed.  The New York City Department of Finance has implemented the use of hand-held computers, which reduces the number of errors. However, errors continue to occur regarding information that can’t be entered with the barcode scan.  In addition, not all tickets are scanned.

SCHEDULE OF FEES: Attending Hearings at the Commercial Adjudications Unit

Summons Hearing Fee




Administrative Fee

  • Includes all vehicles



Summons copy fee