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The Commercial Fleet Program

If you have one or more vehicles registered to your company, you can apply to enroll your vehicles in NYC’s fleet program. This program extends your time to respond to summonses and offers additional safeguards, such as protection from towing for parking judgment debt. Enrollment in the NYC Fleet Program along with In-Person Hearings provides a winning combination. Here, your company has a three-fold benefit. The first is the opportunity to get reductions from defective ticket dismissals. The second is the ability to present a commercial defense for reductions. Third is the weekly report generated by the Fleet Unit showing tickets issued to your company during the prior week. Together they provide a winning combination to save time and money.

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Commercial abatement and stipulated fine program members waive their right to hearings. They agree to accept set amounts offered by the NYC department of finance. These amounts are determined by type of violation issued. There are no defective summons reductions.