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Parking Ticket Management Reports

Citywide Parking Ticket Service offers a variety of custom reports to support a proactive approach to parking ticket management. We do more than just track your fleet’s parking tickets – we provide strategic information to keep your company’s parking ticket expenses in control.

Parking Strategies at Your Delivery Locations

Citywide can assess the parking signs and restrictions at each of your company’s delivery locations and deliver a customized, strategic approach to delivery timing that helps avoid unnecessary parking ticket expenses.

Your Parking Ticket Violations Database

You can have the information you need on your desktop. We will e-mail your database in spreadsheet or in database format. These allow you to run a variety of reports which can help you manage your drivers and parking ticket expense.

Parking Summons Copy Report

Do you have drivers who are not bringing parking tickets back to the office? The Parking Summons Copy Report lists the number of summons copies, by plate number, that required copies.

We can run a report showing which drivers are bringing their parking tickets back to the office and which are not. It will also show which employees are preparing a commercial defense for their amenable summonses. Drivers who fail to report their tickets and cause penalties to accrue, or who are not properly completing their paperwork, can be identified.

Consulting Reports: Reduce your costs and maximize your dismissals

Do you want to know which summonses you can avoid? Simply stated, some summonses are amenable to a commercial defense and some are not. The City understands that business would come to a virtual halt if every commercial driver had to search for an open parking spot before completing each delivery or performing each service. However, some violations are not amenable, which means that, unless they are defective, you will have to pay them regardless of whether your vehicle was on company business when the ticket was written. We can provide you with a strategy to reduce the amount of non-amenable summonses that are written to your vehicles and, in turn, save you money.

Violations By Plate

This report can be run on any violation. It can be used to identify violations by vehicle should be avoided such as:

  • Fire hydrants
  • Bus stops
  • Sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Double parking in mid-town
  • One of the biggest offenders: NO STANDING ANYTIME OR DAYS & HOURS

Performance Reports

To show savings and expenses based upon data from your hearing logs. These reports can be run on one vehicle or your entire fleet. They can also be run monthly, quarterly, or as you see fit to track your violations expense.

Hearing Performance Report

You will receive a hearing summary report with every completed in-person hearing. This report tells you at a glance what your total exposure was prior to the hearing, and the amount saved.