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NYC Delivery Solutions Program

The Delivery Solutions Program operated by the City of New York has two different abatement levels for fleets, depending on the type of company. The first level, the Stipulated Fine Program, is for companies that make deliveries. The second level, Commercial Abatement Program, is for companies that provide a service, such as plumbing or electrical repair. 

It is important to compare the programs. We provide data management and analysis of your summons reports to track expenses and identify avoidable tickets. Data is provided weekly via email in a spreadsheet. We can also provide ticket locations and parking sign regulations for your deliveries.

The Stipulated Fine Program

The Stipulated Fine Program is a free, no-paperwork program offered by the New York City Department of Finance. Tickets received when enrolled in this program that are not amenable to a commercial defense get automatic partial reductions. Tickets that are amenable to a commercial defense get full reductions. You must waive your right to a hearing in this program. Therefore, defective tickets must be paid. 

Please keep in mind that even though no paperwork is required by the Parking Violations Bureau, your company must establish controls. Failure to effectively manage the program will lead to lost savings.

Commercial Abatement Program

The Commercial Abatement Program differs from the Stipulated Fine Program only in that the reductions offered are not as generous. The abatement program offers service providers who park for longer periods of time a managed approach to ticket resolution that results in lower costs and reduces paperwork and administrative overhead.

Commercial Abatement Program reductions are generally less favorable than Stipulated Fine Program reductions because delivery company operations must spend more time at each location.


  1. Citywide will provide all your summons data in spreadsheet format on a weekly basis.
  2. At your request, we will include the locations where each ticket was issued. (This information is not included in weekly Stipulated Fine reports).
  3. Your weekly spreadsheet will contain all data appearing in the weekly report. and provides on-going financial tracking.
  4. The reports include all the on-going financial data to monitor expenses and savings.
  5. You will have the ability to manage your drivers and delivery/service locations, and quickly identify problem locations and violations.
  6. Our newest addition to our list of services is to provide parking sign regulations for your delivery locations.  We will  provide you with a copy of the Official New York City Map pinpointing the location.  In addition, we will provide a copy of the regulations from the NYC DOT Sign Database.  This information usually covers both sides of the street, from corner to corner. Find out how to avoid parking tickets at your hardest hit delivery locations for $15.00 per lookup.

Administrative Fee

  • Data Entry
  • Database Maintenance



Vehicle Fee

  • Per Vehicle