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A New Tool to Fight Parking Tickets

Over the last 25 years I’ve seen quite a few ideas about how you can fight parking tickets.  I’ve even had a couple myself. Sy Syms, for those of you who remember him,  coined his company’s slogan, “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer”.  If parking tickets are a repeated occurrence in your life, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to really learn how to fight a NYC parking ticket. Believe …Read More

NYC Parking Ticket Budget Shortfall

The New York Post published an article indicating that their sources believe the city is up to 20% behind the forecast parking ticket revenue projections as a result of hurricane Sandy. If the story is accurate we can be reasonably certain that we’ll hear more about this news in the near future. The bigger question is if the city will try to make up for the revenue shortfall by writing …Read More

Parking Ticket Plea Bargains Eliminated One Year Ago This Week in New York City

One year ago this week New York City eliminated the plea bargaining parking tickets. The city believed that this move would generate additional parking ticket revenue. Our review of the city’s budget forecasts indicates that the city was correct in their assumption. In FY2011 the city collected $523,500,000 in parking ticket fines while in FY2012 (ending June 30, 2012) the city collected $548,500,000 in parking ticket revenue. The city forecasts …Read More

Midtown NYC debut of new DOT parking signs make life easier for drivers

Even those with parking violations expertise like NYC Ticket Fighter have taken pause when trying to interpret the parking signage of yore. This past Monday marked the debut of newly designed and simplified parking regulations signs in Midtown and Lower Manhattan, replacing 6,300 signs of varying colors, typefaces, font sizes, language that required a “Ph.D in parking signage,” according to NYC Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick. NYC DOT Commissioner Janette …Read More

Black Friday is New York City’s Most Lucrative Day For Parking Tickets

New York City Councilman David Greenfield has proposed that the city change parking regulations on Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving always proves to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many shoppers have the day off and incorrectly believe that Sunday parking regulations are in effect. In fact, weekday parking regulations still apply on Black Friday and if you park in a no standing or commercial …Read More

NYC Council: NYS to collect unpaid tolls by suspending or preventing renewal registration of vehicles with unpaid E-Z Pass

Resolution calling upon the State of New York to collect unpaid vehicle tolls by suspending or preventing the renewal of the registration of vehicles with excessive unpaid E-Z Pass balances, until the tolls due on such accounts are paid. By  NYC Council Members Fidler, Brewer, Cabrera, Mendez, Wills and Ulrich Whereas, According to the E-Z Pass New York Service Center (Service Center), E-Z Pass is an electronic toll collection system, …Read More

“New York Daily News” Story: “Controller John Liu says no more ticket to slide for businesses hit with parking fines”

I have been representing companies that operate commercial fleets in NYC for about 20 years. I have become very familiar with STARS, NYServe, the Delivery Solutions Programs, (Stipulated Fine & Commercial Abatement), the Fleet Program and the Rental Program . Based on information in the recent “Daily News” press release, I did a random search of 9 plates enrolled in the Stipulated Fine Program. I found 66 tickets going as …Read More

Commercial Vehicles in Bronx NY Hit With Hefty No Parking Tickets

This blog is based in part on a story in the New York Daily News The Bronx has always been a haven of free parking for commercial vehicles.  Many companies who park their vehicles on the streets near their businesses are now getting “3 hour commercial storage” violations.  Several Citywide customers have called me to find out why.  Simply put according to Department Of Finance/ Parking Violations  rules, “Street storage …Read More

NYC Expands The Paylock Car Boot Program To Parking Tickets In Southern Queens New York

As we had mentioned in our previous blog post (https://nycticketfighter.com/nyc-parking-tickets-now-include-parking-boots/), NYC has begun to use Paylock to boot cars with unpaid parking tickets. The program has officially rolled out in southern Queens after a successful roll out in parts of Brooklyn. The New York Daily News did a follow up piece at this URL http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/lockdown-mode-drivers-pay-fines-article-1.1125240 If you have more than $350 in unpaid Judgment  parking tickets, including red light camera …Read More

Bronx New York Parking Ticket For Non-Existent Bicycle Lane Upheld On Appeal

The New York Post published an interesting news story about how a defendant was guilty of parking in a non-existent bicycle lane and was denied justice upon appeal. The URL to the article is http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bronx/phantom_menace_zBsH80ROLsM8xTV2UOEdLN How do things get this out of hand? Phyllis Cannon was issued a bike lane ticket. The problem was, there is no bike lane where the parking ticket was issued. The folks in charge of …Read More