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Commercial Vehicles in Bronx NY Hit With Hefty No Parking Tickets

Bronx Parking Tickets Commercia lTrucksThis blog is based in part on a story in the New York Daily News

The Bronx has always been a haven of free parking for commercial vehicles.  Many companies who park their vehicles on the streets near their businesses are now getting “3 hour commercial storage” violations.  Several Citywide customers have called me to find out why.  Simply put according to Department Of Finance/ Parking Violations  rules, “Street storage of commercial vehicles prohibited. When parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park a commercial vehicle in any area, including a residential area, in excess of three hours.”  This is the law!  If parking is legal, you can park there when conducting business.  However, you can’t stay in the same spot for over three hours.

The next expensive surprise for Bronx companies is overnight parking.  Department Of Transportation & Department Of Finance/ Parking Violations  rules state:  “Nighttime parking of commercial vehicles prohibited.  No person shall park a commercial vehicle on a residential street, between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am In the case when a commercial vehicle is parked in violation of this rule, the burden of proof is placed on the person who received the summons, to prove that he or she was actively engaged in business at the time the summons was issued at a premises located within three City blocks of where the summons was issued. This paragraph shall not apply to vehicles owned or operated by gas or oil heat suppliers or gas or oil heat systems maintenance companies, the agents or employees thereof, or any public utility.

These tickets are often improperly written regarding errors or omissions that must appear on the ticket.  The most common errors are “no first observed” on the 3 hour commercial storage violations.  The most common error on the Overnight parking violation is the omission of the days and hours in effect.  There are several other reasons why these tickets may be defective.  Do your research before you pay.

If your company has commercial vehicles that have received parking tickets in the Bronx New York we recommend you contact a New York City commercial parking ticket fighter by calling 516-850-1995 or email us here.

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