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Commercial Vehicles in Bronx NY Hit With Hefty No Parking Tickets

This blog is based in part on a story in the New York Daily News The Bronx has always been a haven of free parking for commercial vehicles.  Many companies who park their vehicles on the streets near their businesses are now getting “3 hour commercial storage” violations.  Several Citywide customers have called me to find out why.  Simply put according to Department Of Finance/ Parking Violations  rules, “Street storage …Read More

NYC Expands The Paylock Car Boot Program To Parking Tickets In Southern Queens New York

As we had mentioned in our previous blog post (https://nycticketfighter.com/nyc-parking-tickets-now-include-parking-boots/), NYC has begun to use Paylock to boot cars with unpaid parking tickets. The program has officially rolled out in southern Queens after a successful roll out in parts of Brooklyn. The New York Daily News did a follow up piece at this URL http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/lockdown-mode-drivers-pay-fines-article-1.1125240 If you have more than $350 in unpaid Judgment  parking tickets, including red light camera …Read More

Bronx New York Parking Ticket For Non-Existent Bicycle Lane Upheld On Appeal

The New York Post published an interesting news story about how a defendant was guilty of parking in a non-existent bicycle lane and was denied justice upon appeal. The URL to the article is http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/bronx/phantom_menace_zBsH80ROLsM8xTV2UOEdLN How do things get this out of hand? Phyllis Cannon was issued a bike lane ticket. The problem was, there is no bike lane where the parking ticket was issued. The folks in charge of …Read More

NYC Puts Parking Rules On Its Website

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/city_puts_parking_rules_in_its_site_W0RuyVXcEmDSzFfXmmpuUI We have been waiting years for the City to make the parking ticket sign database available. We rejoiced when NYC DOT made the “Official NYC Map and the “Official NYC Parking sign Database” available to everyone. These venues make it possible to get the posted parking regulations on both sides of a street or avenue, from corner, on a “foot by foot” basis. This most recent format of parking regulations will …Read More