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A New Tool to Fight Parking Tickets

Over the last 25 years I’ve seen quite a few ideas about how you can fight parking tickets.  I’ve even had a couple myself. Sy Syms, for those of you who remember him,  coined his company’s slogan, “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer”.  If parking tickets are a repeated occurrence in your life, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to really learn how to fight a NYC parking ticket. Believe it or not the New York City Department of Finance provides detailed information about how to fight a parking ticket.  You can also visit nycticketfighter.com  to read about how John Miuccio thinks it should be done for commercial and private offenders alike. Yes, like it or not, most of the time you are an offender, who, according to New York City parking rules,”guilty until proven innocent”.  It’s the most obvious errors that may help you fight your ticket, check out this link to see what they are.

The big news in parking tickets today is a free website where a chat-bot claims to have helped thousands of people beat their parking tickets abroad, and in the U.S. It’s worth a look for all you ticket-fighters out there seeking justice.  Visit DNotPay, from the UK, where believe it or not the natives are passionate about fighting their parking tickets.