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NYC Expands The Paylock Car Boot Program To Parking Tickets In Southern Queens New York

Paylock Parking Boot NYCAs we had mentioned in our previous blog post (https://nycticketfighter.com/nyc-parking-tickets-now-include-parking-boots/), NYC has begun to use Paylock to boot cars with unpaid parking tickets. The program has officially rolled out in southern Queens after a successful roll out in parts of Brooklyn.

The New York Daily News did a follow up piece at this URL http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/lockdown-mode-drivers-pay-fines-article-1.1125240

If you have more than $350 in unpaid Judgment  parking tickets, including red light camera and bus lane violations, Paylock is authorized to boot your vehicle. The fee to unlock your car or truck is $180, plus a $70 sheriff fee, plus a 5% convenience charge if you pay by credit card. If you don’t return the boot you’re also subject to towing and a $135 towing fee.

The city marshall’s primary concern is that the new program may force him to lay off workers!

Drivers beware! If you have unpaid judgment parking tickets you will face significant costly penalties if your car is booted.

We encourage commercial fleet owners and operators to contact a NYC Ticket Fighter to learn how to better manage your parking ticket costs. Consumers are encouraged to view our common parking ticket defenses.

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