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Commercial Vehicles in Bronx NY Hit With Hefty No Parking Tickets

This blog is based in part on a story in the New York Daily News The Bronx has always been a haven of free parking for commercial vehicles.  Many companies who park their vehicles on the streets near their businesses are now getting “3 hour commercial storage” violations.  Several Citywide customers have called me to find out why.  Simply put according to Department Of Finance/ Parking Violations  rules, “Street storage …Read More

NYC Expands The Paylock Car Boot Program To Parking Tickets In Southern Queens New York

As we had mentioned in our previous blog post (https://nycticketfighter.com/nyc-parking-tickets-now-include-parking-boots/), NYC has begun to use Paylock to boot cars with unpaid parking tickets. The program has officially rolled out in southern Queens after a successful roll out in parts of Brooklyn. The New York Daily News did a follow up piece at this URL http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/lockdown-mode-drivers-pay-fines-article-1.1125240 If you have more than $350 in unpaid Judgment  parking tickets, including red light camera …Read More

NYC Parking Tickets Now Include Parking Boots

As reported by The Daily News, NBC News, and other news sources, New York City has begun testing the booting of cars with unpaid fines. The program is slated to begin in the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx in a 3-6 month test program. If you have in excess of $350 in unpaid parking ticket fines, your vehicle may be subject to a boot by a city contractor called …Read More