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NYC Parking Tickets Now Include Parking Boots

As reported by The Daily News, NBC News, and other news sources, New York City has begun testing the booting of cars with unpaid fines. The program is slated to begin in the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx in a 3-6 month test program. If you have in excess of $350 in unpaid parking ticket fines, your vehicle may be subject to a boot by a city contractor called …Read More

NYC Puts Parking Rules On Its Website

http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/city_puts_parking_rules_in_its_site_W0RuyVXcEmDSzFfXmmpuUI We have been waiting years for the City to make the parking ticket sign database available. We rejoiced when NYC DOT made the “Official NYC Map and the “Official NYC Parking sign Database” available to everyone. These venues make it possible to get the posted parking regulations on both sides of a street or avenue, from corner, on a “foot by foot” basis. This most recent format of parking regulations will …Read More

Fight A NYC Parking Ticket Report By CBS News

We were thrilled to note that we’re not the only people who think you should fight an unfair parking ticket in New York City. This past week CBS News reporter Asa Aarons offered useful strategies to deal with unfair parking tickets in this video http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/05/11/ask-asa-strategies-to-cope-with-unfair-parking-tickets/ The story accurately reports that more than ten million parking tickets are written in New York City each year! About 20% of those tickets are …Read More

NYC Parking Ticket Revenue Projected To Fall Almost 25% in Fiscal Year 2012

In New York City it would seem that hardly a week goes by without news about parking tickets. This week the NY Post reported that the City of New York is collecting a lower number of fines. According to the news story, when the city’s fiscal year ends on June 30th, projections indicate that New York will have written roughly 270,000 fewer parking tickets than in the prior year. That …Read More

NY Daily News Shows Off Small Italian Car Alleviates NYC Parking Congestion But Will Likely Cause More Parking Tickets

News story about thin car shows it illegally parked (right?) Parking Ticket Fighters at Citywide were bemused by the photo in the New York Daily News showing off a new car parked illegally to save space. While we applaud the effort to reduce parking congestion in New York City, we cannot promote parking vehicles as shown in the accompanying photo until the City Council and the Department of Finance change …Read More

NYC Parking Ticket Fighter Agrees With NYC Parking Laws – Bratton Should Not Receive Special Treatment

Several news organizations recently uncovered yet another parking ticket scandal in New York City. It turns out that former police chief William S. Bratton has been using a parking placard to avoid parking tickets in a congested area of New York City with limited parking options. We could not find any laws or contracts that allow former police personnel special parking privileges after retirement. Frankly this type of news repeats …Read More