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NYC Parking Ticket Revenue Projected To Fall Almost 25% in Fiscal Year 2012

In New York City it would seem that hardly a week goes by without news about parking tickets. This week the NY Post reported that the City of New York is collecting a lower number of fines. According to the news story, when the city’s fiscal year ends on June 30th, projections indicate that New York will have written roughly 270,000 fewer parking tickets than in the prior year. That is a phenomenal reduction that exceeds 20%. We are skeptical of the City’s explanation that traffic ticket agents were diverted to other duties. Perhaps this news will end the age old tale that there is a parking ticket quota in New York City.  Based on our experience, the volume of parking tickets on the commercial side does not reflect any reduction in the amount of parking tickets issued.  Perhaps the city’s revenue is down due to the “Parking Ticket Settlement Program”, which was terminated because the city was “losing too much money.”

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