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Fight A NYC Parking Ticket Report By CBS News

We were thrilled to note that we’re not the only people who think you should fight an unfair parking ticket in New York City. This past week CBS News reporter Asa Aarons offered useful strategies to deal with unfair parking tickets in this video http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/05/11/ask-asa-strategies-to-cope-with-unfair-parking-tickets/

The story accurately reports that more than ten million parking tickets are written in New York City each year! About 20% of those tickets are contested, and about 33% of those are dismissed as invalid.

The story accurately stresses that if you are ticketed for parking illegally we agree that you should just pay the fine before penalties accrue, unless the ticket is defective. We also agree that if you parked in a no parking zone and were towed than you should just pay the fine and redeem your vehicle before penalties increase the cost. We would like to add that if the ticket is defective, and you contest the ticket, and win, you are entitled to a full refund for the ticket and the towing fees.

CBS News story correctly highlights that you can and should battle an unfair parking ticket as defective. In addition, if the ticket was fair or not fair, the ticket must make a “Prima Facie Case”. It must be correctly written. There are many reasons a parking ticket can be defective and our parking ticket reports highlight those shortcomings. Refer to our page about defective tickets here.

Additionally our ticket fighting report looks at other areas like the signs database and parking rules database. If you are going to fight your parking ticket, take printed pictures of all the parking signs on the street where you were ticketed as proof for your parking ticket defense. Note that for only $10 Citywide Parking Ticket Services offers an in-person hearing on your behalf.

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