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NYC Council: NYS to collect unpaid tolls by suspending or preventing renewal registration of vehicles with unpaid E-Z Pass

Resolution calling upon the State of New York to collect unpaid vehicle tolls by suspending or preventing the renewal of the registration of vehicles with excessive unpaid E-Z Pass balances, until the tolls due on such accounts are paid. By ┬áNYC Council Members Fidler, Brewer, Cabrera, Mendez, Wills and Ulrich Whereas, According to the E-Z Pass New York Service Center (Service Center), E-Z Pass is an electronic toll collection system, …Read More

Fight A NYC Parking Ticket Report By CBS News

We were thrilled to note that we’re not the only people who think you should fight an unfair parking ticket in New York City. This past week CBS News reporter Asa Aarons offered useful strategies to deal with unfair parking tickets in this video http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/05/11/ask-asa-strategies-to-cope-with-unfair-parking-tickets/ The story accurately reports that more than ten million parking tickets are written in New York City each year! About 20% of those tickets are …Read More