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Parking Ticket Plea Bargains Eliminated One Year Ago This Week in New York City

One year ago this week New York City eliminated the plea bargaining parking tickets. The city believed that this move would generate additional parking ticket revenue. Our review of the city’s budget forecasts indicates that the city was correct in their assumption. In FY2011 the city collected $523,500,000 in parking ticket fines while in FY2012 (ending June 30, 2012) the city collected $548,500,000 in parking ticket revenue. The city forecasts …Read More

Midtown NYC debut of new DOT parking signs make life easier for drivers

Even those with parking violations expertise like NYC Ticket Fighter have taken pause when trying to interpret the parking signage of yore. This past Monday marked the debut of newly designed and simplified parking regulations signs in Midtown and Lower Manhattan, replacing 6,300 signs of varying colors, typefaces, font sizes, language that required a “Ph.D in parking signage,” according to NYC Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick. NYC DOT Commissioner Janette …Read More

Black Friday is New York City’s Most Lucrative Day For Parking Tickets

New York City Councilman David Greenfield has proposed that the city change parking regulations on Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving always proves to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many shoppers have the day off and incorrectly believe that Sunday parking regulations are in effect. In fact, weekday parking regulations still apply on Black Friday and if you park in a no standing or commercial …Read More

“New York Daily News” Story: “Controller John Liu says no more ticket to slide for businesses hit with parking fines”

I have been representing companies that operate commercial fleets in NYC for about 20 years. I have become very familiar with STARS, NYServe, the Delivery Solutions Programs, (Stipulated Fine & Commercial Abatement), the Fleet Program and the Rental Program . Based on information in the recent “Daily News” press release, I did a random search of 9 plates enrolled in the Stipulated Fine Program. I found 66 tickets going as …Read More